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donor gift whiteAPPLAUSE! Performing Arts Scholarship
$1,000: 3.0+ GPA; Plans to major or minor in performing arts in college; participated in the performing arts at OPRFHS.

donor gift whiteAnn P. Bekermeier Scholarship
$1,000: 2.0+ GPA, varsity track or basketball participant, financial need, attending college in Illinois.

donor gift whiteMichael A. Campbell Scholarship
$1,250: Renewable 4 years, 2 scholarships: Academic achievement and financial need.

donateCarbery Family Scholarship
$2,000: Renewable 4 years; 2.5 GPA+, financial need. Preference given to Black or Hispanic first generation in their family to attend college (neither parent earned a 4-year degree). Student must be involved in extracurricular, volunteer or work activities. Essay 250-300 words: Describe an obstacle that you overcame and what you learned from the experience. 

donateCareer Pathways Scholarship
$1,000: 3 scholarships, financial need: for students planning to pursue a certificate, licensure, or Associate's Degree; not planning to attend a traditional four-year college or university.

donateDr. Gerald L. Clay Scholarship
1 year, $3,000 / $1,500 per semester: Renewable once: African American male; financial need.

donor gift whiteRichard Daniel Orchestra Scholarship
$1,000: Must be a member of the OPRFHS Orchestra and play a string instrument; financial need; planning to major or minor in music or a related field.

donor gift whiteJosh Davis Memorial Scholarship
$2,500: 3.0+ GPA; love of the environment, plans to pursue environmental studies or related field; financial need.

donateCatherine Deam Memorial Scholarship
$1,000: Minimum two years of demonstrated community service or involvement in a major community service project.

donateDon Deia "Heart of the Plate" Scholarship
$375: Renewable 4 years, softball team member; financial need.

donateDonohue History Scholarship
$2,000: Passion for history, high academic achievement.

donateDouglas Scholarship
$1,000: 3.0+ GPA in business courses.

donateThomas D. Ferguson Memorial Scholarship
$1,000: 2.75+ GPA; financial need, letter of recommendation from a History Teacher.

donateFirst Generation Scholarship
$1,000; 3 scholarships, financial need: for students who will become the first generation in their family to attend college (neither parent earned a 4-year degree).

donateAriel Follett O'Hara '55 Family Scholarship
$1,000: Black or Latino/a student who is first generation in family to attend college (neither parent earned a 4-year degree). Student shows personal promise and has demonstrated financial need. This scholarship recognizes a student who has been intentional about finding and developing his/her voice through participation in community service programs. Essay 150-300 words: Please discuss how you engaged in social justice /activism and have grown in the process.

donateCharles N. "Laddie" Follett Memorial Scholarship
$2,000: Renewable 4 years. For a student with financial need who shows academic achievement, leadership, and initiative.

donateRobert Follett Memorial Scholarship
$2,000: Renewable 4 years. For a student with financial need who shows academic achievement, leadership, and initiative.

donateGarth Follett Memorial Scholarship
$2,000 Renewable 4 years. For a student with financial need who shows academic achievement, leadership, and initiative.


Dwight Follett Memorial Scholarship
$2,000: Renewable 4 years. For a student with financial need who shows academic achievement, leadership, and initiative.

donateRobert Gauger Memorial Scholarship
$1,500: 2.5+ GPA; coursework in applied arts and sciences (i.e., Auto Tech, Woodworking, etc.), technology or physics. A letter of recommendation from a science or technology teacher.

donateGarden Club of OP/RF Scholarship
2 scholarships: $3,000 each; Merit based; planning to pursue studies in an environmental related field.

donateGerald L. Greer Memorial Scholarship
$1,000: 1 male & 1 female: 3.0+ GPA, history student, preference given to students interested in teaching history.

donateLouise Hay Memorial Scholarship
$1,000: 5 scholarships (all females); Academic achievement in Mathematics.

donateErnest Hemingway Writer's Scholarship
$1,000: Awarded to an incoming senior at OPRFHS with intent to study journalism, creative writing or English. Writing Submission required.

donateHotchkiss Memorial Scholarship
$1000: Renewable 4 years, 2 scholarships: Financial need; academic achievement and leadership.

donateCarl Krafft Memorial Art Scholarship
$2,000 each; 3 scholarships: pursuing fine arts study in college; participated in OPRFHS Art program.

PORTFOLIO REQUIREMENTS: Submission of a DIGITAL portfolio representing 10 to 20 examples of artwork showing evidence of competency in one or more of the visual arts disciplines. Submission of a personal essay explaining artistic accomplishments and/or art-related awards. Indicate the college/university you have chosen and state your future personal goals and professional aspirations. Recipients of the Visual Arts scholarships must endow one of their artworks to the Oak Park and River Forest High School art collection. The selection of this piece will be made by the high school art faculty.

donateKrafft Memorial Music Scholarship
$1,000: Pursuing fine arts in college, participated in OPRFHS music program.

donateKrafft Memorial Speech/Dance/TV Scholarship
$1,000: Pursuing fine arts in college, participated in OPRFHS Speech, Dance or TV program.

donate"LLKA" Scholarship in Memory of Andrew Cheeks
$2,500: Financial Need. GPA of 2.5+. Preference will be given to African American students. Must submit a letter of recommendation from a coach, peer or club leader about how the applicant represents Andrew's generous friendly, kind nature.

donateKate Long Marchetti Memorial Scholarship
$4,500: 2 scholarships; Financial Need. Student must have lost a sibling or parent and/or been raised in a single parent home. Essay: 300 - 600 words. Describe how the loss of a sibling or parent and/or being raised in a single parent home has impacted you and how you represent the qualities of kindness, integrity and empathy.

donatePatrick Luby Memorial Scholarship
$1,500: 2 scholarships: Financial need; preference to those interested in teaching Spanish or other world language.

donateMead Scholarship
$1,000: 3.0+ GPA: financial need.

donateMiller/Cooke/Wood Scholarship
$1,000: Honoring student in areas of drama, musical and technical theatre.

donateMonaco Music Scholarship
$2,500: Interest in pursuing musical studies in college, preference to a piano student; academic merit; financial need.

donateR.J. Mike Nielsen Scholarship
$1,000: Stage Crew member; excellence in technical theatre.

donateOffermann Scholarship for Excellence in English
$1,000: Planning to major or minor in English in college.

donateGary F. Olson Memorial Scholarship
$1,250: 2.5-3.0 GPA: Financial need.

donateOPRFHS Scholarship Foundation Directors Scholarship
$1,000: Renewable 4 years, 2 scholarships: Financial need, academic achievement.

donateOPRFHS Retirees – ‘DOOPER’ Scholarship
$1,250; 2 Scholarships. Financial need; academic achievement.

donateOPUS: Alumni Association Scholarship
$1,000: Interest in pursuing a degree in the fine and performing arts.

donateChris Colin Piecha Memorial Scholarship (offered 2024)
$1,000; Renewable 4 years. Student must have taken several OPRFHS Visual Arts courses and intends to pursue a Fine Arts major in college, or a major that falls under the umbrella of Fine Arts.

donateQuinn Swimming/Diving Scholarship
$1,000: 2 scholarships, 1 male, 1 female: 2+ year member OPRFHS Swim and Diving Team.

donateTerri Race Educational Technology Scholarship
$1,000: Interest in computer applications, technology; demonstrated community service.

donateRoberta L. Raymond Scholarship
$1,000: Renewable 4 years, 2 scholarships; 2.75+ GPA; Preference given to minority students; high financial need.

donateRoberta L. Raymond Mathematics Scholarship
$1,000: 2 scholarships: financial need, academic achievement in Mathematics.

donateSchaffer Memorial Scholarship
$1,250: 2.0-3.0 GPA; financial need; academic achievement.

donateDr. Alexander Schmidt Memorial Scholarship
$1,000: Outstanding Senior in English.

donateBrenda Schnede Grusecki Scholarship for Outstanding Student in English
$2,000; Renewable 4 years. Student possesses a love of literature and an academic record in English that provides evidence of both talent and achievement in writing and speaking. Student plans to major in English.

donateSeabury Foundation Scholarship
$2,000: 2 males, 2 females: Shows initiative, leadership, academic achievement and financial need.

donateCarol Shields (Class of ’53) Memorial Scholarship
$1,000: Financial need, academic achievement.

donateSGS Model UN Scholarship
$1,000: Renewable 4 years. Must have been member of Model UN at OPRFHS for at least two years.

donateSpoken Word Club/Black Lives Matter Scholarship
$2,000; Renewable 4 years. The student must be African-American and have participated in a minimum of three Spoken Word Club showcases (not including the final showcase of the current year).

donateIshma Stewart Memorial Scholarship
$1,000: 2.5+ GPA; Member of Spoken Word

donateJack Tavolacci Memorial Scholarship
$1,500; A senior whose demonstrated legacy embodies the qualities of love, acceptance and inclusivity which were championed by Jack Tavolacci.  Applicants should be seen as a friend to all in the Oak Park and River Forest High School community. Letter of Recommendation from a peer (preferred) or teacher, coach, community member which addresses the qualities noted above in the scholarship applicant; GPA and financial need NOT a consideration.

donateTony Trofimuk Scholarship
$1,000: Girls Varsity basketball letter recipient.

donateTNH-Stephen A. Henry Scholarship
$1,000: OPRFHS athlete, team manager or student trainer who has demonstrated exemplary sportsmanship, leadership and team spirit.

donateDon and Mary Vogel Scholarship (available 2023)
$2,000: Renewable 4 years; Financial need, academic achievement, co-curricular involvement.

donateGeorg Ann Zussman-Amato Memorial Scholarship
$5,000: 1 female: Pursuing science in college, financial need.


This is only a partial list of scholarships. We encourage students to seek out all additional funding resources.


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